Monthly Character Design Challenge – Gladiator

Monthly Character Design Challenge – Gladiator

I’ve been meaning to partake in this monthly challenge for a while now and am very happy to have finally done something! It’s called the Monthly Character Design Challenge and here’s their Facebook page: Click Here

This month’s challenge started out as “Maori” but they quickly changed it. (I think due to some sort of issue with the political correctness of the word.) In the end, they stuck with “Gladiator”. While I have little knowledge of gladiators outside of what I learned in history classes, I still wanted to partake and throw in a spin. I also wanted to get back into traditional artwork practices, so my piece came out fairly simple.


Medium: Ink and watercolor marker on Bristol paper

Many thanks to the challenge organizers for their hard work in putting these on. I look forward to next month’s issue!

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