Apple Piroshki with Cranberry

Apple Piroshki with Cranberry

I know it’s not holiday season, but I just had to try this Piroshki recipe. To be completely fair, I have never had Piroshki before, so I’m not familiar with what it is supposed to taste like. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with how it came out!

The recipe I found and followed can be found here -> Link


It was easy to follow, but a bit time consuming. I was completely exhausted afterwards and my small kitchen looked like a flour bomb had gone off.



A note for future cooking: I ran out of sugar for the filling. It called for a full cup, but I only had 1/2. It still came out good, IMG_5650but because I used granny smith apples and because of the cranberries, it was very tart.

Also, my filling did not come out quite as red. I suspect I didn’t cook it long enough. I’ll have to remember to check ALL of the cranberries to make sure they’re soft enough.

Something I really liked about this recipe was the egg wash before putting it in the oven. I did not own a basting brush before this and I bought a cheap one just for this. I’m going to have to learn how to incorporate that into my cooking toolbox now.


And here’s the finished product! It was well worth it and I will be making it again! I served mine with grapes and tea. Part of it was a surprise ‘job well done’ for my boyfriend and he was very happy with them.

I think I was most impressed with the taste of the bread by itself. It was sweeter than I anticipated. Perhaps it would be amazing by itself as well? A substitute for potato bread perhaps?







Make again?

Medium 2 hours with rising time 100% desire to make this again! Don’t skimp on the sugar and be sure to cook the filling down completely before stuffing. Would be good with filling variations as well.

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