Apricot Chicken with Jasberry Rice and Edamame

Apricot Chicken with Jasberry Rice and Edamame

I finally had the chance to try a piece of my Try The World Thailand box – Jasberry Rice. I wanted to do something different with the Apricot Chicken crock pot recipe I found. [Link here]


It all came out really good! Jasberry rice, as best as I can describe it, is a little bit like a sweeter brown rice. I cooked it in my trusted rice cooker on the ‘white rice’ setting. One thing to note – it’s not sticky at all. Do not attempt to eat this rice with chopsticks [箸がだめですね!]! I was satisfied by the rich purple-maroon color. Colorful foods are supposed to be wonderful and amazing, right? I mean, that’s what they say… Thankfully the bag of rice that came in the box will last me another cooking serving so I can enjoy it again.

The orange chicken was good too! Sometimes I feel like this is a dish that can be too tangy, but the recipe I used was perfectly balanced. It was also super easy to put together. I don’t leave much time in the morning for thinking or food prep activities before having to to go work, but I was able to get this in the crock pot without being late! (Not to mention that I didn’t screw up any measurements…)


With the addition of a freshly cooked serving of Edamame [枝豆], it was a perfect weekday meal. Since the chicken was cooked in the crock pot and the rice in the rice cooker, the only thing that required any supervised cooking was the Edamame. (And even that is easy!) I was able to do a yoga session after a long day of work while my meal finished cooking itself.




Make again?

Very Easy 9 hours, hands off 100% desire to make this again! Excellent food with little prep and it was healthy to boot!

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